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AMK SOL Survival Medic Kit
AMK's Survival Medic contains top notch survival tools and first aid essentials in an ultralight ..
Trauma Pak with Quikclot
The new Trauma Pak with QuikClot® includes trauma pads, sterile gauze, wraps and duct tape to sec..
Quikclot Sport First Aid Advanced Clotting Sponge For Bleeding
A must for any first aid or emergency kit "Quikclot" Sport stops moderate to severe bleeding unti..
S.O.L. Scout
Priorities in a survival situation: escape the elements, stay warm, and signal rescuers so you're..
Ultralight Water-Tight Survival Kit #3
Perfect kit for the minimalist or as an incidental kit in your pocket or Saddlebag. ..
S.O.L. (Survive Outdoors Longer) Kit
The new S.O.L. (Survive Outdoors Longer) Survival Pak takes the critical survival items and packages..
SOL Adventure Medical Heatsheets Lightweight Blanket
The most advanced emergency blanket on the market - meticulously designed to never fail when you'..
Rescue Flash Signal Mirror
Developed by Adventure® Medical Kits exclusively for the Pocket Survival Pak™. Visible over 20 mi..
The Howler Ultralight Rescue Whistle
Developed exclusively for the Pocket Survival Pak™ by Fox 40® this new, ultra-light whistle is ex..
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