FOX LV 205 Stock Canopy - Black / Flo Green

FOX LV 205 Stock Canopy - Black / Flo Green
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 FOX LV Stock canopies are fully complete and ready to ship the same day we receive payment.


Fits well with: Apex Summit 23 Stock Container - Black / Red / Charcoal


  • VTec 3 of 7
  • Multi-2 Bridle Attachment
  • Color Coded Line Tabs (for ease of packing)
  • White Suspension Lines
  • Red Tail Gate Friendly Control Lines and Center C's and D's

The FOX LV BASE Jumping canopy uses the same traditional fabric (0-3 cfm aka F-111) but the reinforcement scheme has been redesigned to reduce bulk without sacrificing performance. Learn More about the the FOX LV.

The FOX BASE parachute is the first BASE Jumping specific canopy ever built. Its reputation over the past 15 + years as a reliable and consistent parachute has kept it in high demand and a part of the Apex BASE flight line. BASE jumpers from around the world continue to trust the FOX.


The FOX BASE canopies are designed with specific BASE performance specifications in mind. The low aspect ratio, seven cell ram air parachute utilizing I-beam construction with span-wise reinforcement. These design characteristics result in consistent opening performance, durability, and reliable flair. For those jumper focusing in the "Ultra Low" the FOX xs is available. For those wanting the FOX performance without all the weight and bulk, consider the FOX Lite.

The FOX comes standard with:

  • a Tail Gate (anti line-over device)
  • mesh slider (large hole or small hole)
  • stainless steel connector links
  • Tail Pocket, Tail Gate Friendly Lines (colored to help set the Tail Gate)
  • and custom colors
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