FLiK LV 220 Stock Canopy - Black / Silver

FLiK LV 220 Stock Canopy - Black / Silver
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FLiK LV Stock canopies are fully complete and ready to ship the same day we receive payment.


  • VTec 3 of 7
  • Multi-2 Bridle Attachment
  • Color Coded Line Tabs (for ease of packing)
  • White Suspension Lines
  • Red Tail Gate Friendly Control Lines and Center C's and D's


The FLiK LV BASE canopy uses the same traditional fabric (0-3 cfm aka F-111) but the reinforcement scheme has been redesigned to reduce bulk without sacrificing performance. The original FLIK BASE parachutes were over built using readily available reinforcement tapes. The LV canopies use a lighter tape (commonly found in skydiving reserves) to provide most of the interior reinforcement on the load bearing ribs and bottom surface span wise. All leading edge (nose) tape remain unchanged to provide durability where it is needed. Tape was removed in areas the original canopies where overbuilt including the D-line span wise, stabilizers and two locations on the top surface. Bulk has also been reduced in the lines. The Lite uses 400 pound Dacron line (instead of the 525). All of these changes create a BASE parachute that packs about 12% smaller and weighs about 8% less. Some will choose the FLiK LV because it "Flies Great" while others because it's "Less Volume" We think it's a little of both.

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