FLiK UltraLite 220 Demo Canopy Black / White

FLiK UltraLite 220 Demo Canopy Black / White
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FLiK UltraLite Stock canopies are fully complete and ready to ship the same day we receive payment.


  • VTec 2 of 7
  • Multi-2
  • Color Coded Line Tabs (for ease of packing)
  • White Suspension Lines
  • Red Tail Gate Friendly Control Lines and Center C's and D's
  • Pass through channels

D.O.M. - January 2013

# of Jumps - 5

The UltraLite canopy packs about 28% smaller than one built the same size using the traditional 0-3 fabric and construction style. That's the equivalent of downsizing 6 sizes. Not only is the UltraLite pack volume reduced but weight is reduced as well.  Weight on the UltraLite is reduced about 20% when compared to a standard built canopy.

The UltraLite can be packed into the Apex TLs or a Summit.

The FLiK UltraLite and FOX UltraLite are setting the bar high when it comes to ultra light canopy design.


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