Lobo 210 Demo Canopy

Lobo 210 Demo Canopy
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Lobo Demo canopies are fully complete and ready to ship the same day we receive payment.

Fits well with:

Apex Summit Sm35 Demo Container

Lobo Standard Features:

  • Ultralite fabric
  • Vtec (3 of 7 vents)
  • Dual brake settings
  • Color-coded line tabs
  • Dual toggle settings
  • Multi-2
  • Top-load ZP tail pocket

D.O.M. - June 2014

# of Jumps - 45

Never Wet

We designed the Lobo to deliver precision and power when you need it most, with a suite of technological enhancements that delivers remarkable advances in control, stability and flare power. The design integrates a larger camber, making the canopy more stable in slower flight; a rolled-over nose, which introduces innovations in skydiving and paragliding airfoils to optimize inflation (even during very slow flight); an optimized crossport design to optimize inflation; a redesigned upper control line configuration that noticeably boosts control and flare.


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