Todd Shoebotham

Todd Shoebotham

5000+ skydives

750 BASE


All time favorite BASE jumps: Angel Falls, The Eiger- Mushroom, Toy Box,

Passions outside of BASE: Tricia and our two sons Dane and Ryan.  Riding motorcycles in the dessert. Climbing. Camping.


Todd started skydiving in 1984, his senior year in high school, at Skydive Spaceland outside of Houston, Texas.  He moved to Southern California a couple years later where he worked as a carpenter before getting his FAA Senior Riggers ticket and landing his first parachute industry job as a rigger at Square One in Perris.  While working on a Jump Master rating he starting BASE jumping, in 1987, with friends from the Elsinore DZ where he worked on the weekends. He later became an FAA Master Rigger, USPA AFF Instructor, and Strong Tandem Master.

While pursuing his new BASE interests, with his brother Troy, the two started T&T Rigging which designed and built hard to find BASE accessories like Tail Pockets and oversized BASE pilot chutes.  T&T Rigging expanded the line of BASE specific equipment to include Velcro closed containers, toggles, and bags. Later, Todd would partner up with Anne Helliwell to form Basic Research.  Together they would design and build the FOX BASE specific parachutes. The FOX was one of the two first BASE specific parachute ever produced.  He continued to design and produce BASE specific containers like the Reactor (Velcro Closed), Prism (single pin) and Vertex (dual pin).  The team at BR continued to expand the sport of BASE through the 90’s developing the Multi, the Tail Gate and later Vtec (bottom surface vents).  Todd had started training BASE students back in the early 90’s when he realized that people ordering the BASE equipment he produced didn’t know how to BASE jump.  Anne and Todd expanded the instruction to include formal courses and guiding service.  Anne and Todd incorporated the business to form The Uninsured Basic Research Inc. in 1996.  Shortly after the turn of the century BR expanded the canopy line to a second generation BASE canopy and the FLiK was born.  Around 2004 Anne moved away from full time involvement in BASE and Todd found new partners Jimmy Pouchert and Marta Empinotti together they started doing business as Apex BASE.  The new team developed the Apex DP container.  While Jimmy and Marta focused on training and events Todd focused on design and manufacturing.  After 17 years in Perris, Todd moved Apex BASE to a 4000 square foot facility in Murrieta CA where the FOX, FLiK, Summit, Apex TL, and Apex DP are all built.

 Today, Todd spends his time designing and tending to business needs, he continues to be an active participant in BASE, the sport he loves.


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