2013 Baluarte Mexico Go Fast Games

May 3rd-5th, World's Tallest Cable Stayed Bridge, Puente Baluarte, in Durango Mexico standing at 1,300+ ft. 

Go Fast and Apex BASE are proud to announce BASE jumpers will be part of this amazing celebration. For the first time in the history of Mexico and Latin America, more than 50 BASE Jumpers from various parts of the world, converged on Durango for the grand opening of the Baluarte Bridge. The Baluarte Bridge, Secretary of Tourism, and the government of Durango joined the Go Fast Games for this epic celebration of the 450th Anniversary of the Founding of the State of Durango.

The Baluarte Bridge is one of the most impressive works of engineering that can be found in the world, It is located in the vicinity of Mexico in the state of Durango and Sinaloa. The Baluarte Bridge holds the Guinness Record as the highest suspension bridge in the world with 402.57 meters.

The bridge has four lanes, 20 meters wide and 1.124 meters long, supported by 12 pillars of which two are pylons and cables 76 pass over steel frames on pylons to form 152 straps on the back burner. Taking as the highest point of its pillars 148 meters.

Currently the Baluarte Bridge is completely finished, but the highway linking Sinaloa with Durango continuous still under construction. From the State of Durango you can get and appreciate the architectural beauty of this amazing world-class bridge.

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