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Stephen Doherty

Apex BASE Announces Debut of the Lobo BASE Jumping Parachute

Murrieta, CA : Apex BASE, the world’s largest manufacturer of BASE specific equipment, today announced the debut of their new, completely redesigned canopy for exclusive use in the demanding BASE environment. The result of a full six years of testing and development, the airfoil has been reworked from the ground up.

"The Lobo really is the new standard for BASE canopies," said Stephen Doherty, Director of Operations. "There are so many elements in this system that BASE jumpers at all skill levels will appreciate. First, the larger camber makes it stabler in slower flight. Second, the rolled-over nose, a technological crossover inspired by innovations in skydiving and paragliding airfoils, redirects the area of high pressure in front of the nose down, allowing for a smoother flow of air over the airfoil. It has the added benefit of slowing the escape of air during slow flight, as does the optimized cross-port design.”

The Lobo comes standard with a list of useful features, several of which are decidedly cutting edge. Vtec (3 of 7 vents on cells 2, 4 and 6), a mesh slider, dual brake settings, color coded line tabs and dual toggle settings. The latter enables the jumper to enjoy the same control performance in both slider-up and slider-off configurations. Also standard: a double bridle attachment point that supports the weight of the tail pocket during deployment. The “Multi2” also reduces center cell stripping and helps to maintain the integrity of the pack job. When ordering, jumpers may choose from two tail pocket styles standard or top-loading (a new offering that eliminates the possibility of line dump).

The Lobo is available in sizes from 160 to 350 square feet, in 10squarefoot increments, and is designed to be loaded at .725 pounds per square foot. Customers may choose between three options for line color (black, red or white). The Ultralite fabric from which the canopy is built is currently available in orange, grey, white, red and black.

Apex BASE, founded in 1996 and headquartered in southern California, brings more cumulative years of experience in BASE specific equipment design, manufacturing and instruction than any other company in the world.

“We are known not only for the superior equipment that we produce,” Doherty notes, “but also for the exemplary standards that we exhibit in our ethics, education, and safety.”

For more information, or to customize and order the Lobo, visit the Apex BASE Lobo Product Page.



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