Vtec Frequently Asked Questions

By: Apex BASE

Vtec FAQ

What is Vtec?
Vtec stands for Vent Technology - bottom surface vents that allow air to enter the airfoil, immediately after line stretch, resulting in a quicker pressurization of the airfoil.

How many cells get Vtec?
The standard setup is to vent 4 of the 7 cells (on cells 2, 3, 5, and 6). But Apex offers Variable Vtec. This allows the customer to fine tune the Vtec to include 1 to all 7 cells if desired. Odd number Vtec will include venting the center cell. Even numbered options will exclude the center cell vent.

Photo of 4 of 7 Vtec.

Photo of 4 of 7 Vtec with vents open.

Why Variable Vtec?
Different jumpers have different equipment criteria. No slider enthusiasts, in the 300 - 500 foot range, prefer the standard 4 of 7 configuration. Slider up jumpers prefer keeping anywhere from 1 to 3 cells vented. Those "dirty low free-fallers" want 5 to 7 cells with over-sized vents.

Does Vtec increase pack volume?
To a certain degree, yes. Vtec consists of additional seams for the mesh vent. Vtec includes a cover (valve) which is made using a pieces of 0-3 fabric with cross-port-like cut outs to reduce bulk and increase airflow. In the end the increase is minimal.

Do I have to pack differently with Vtec?
No, absolutely not. You can ignore that fact that you have Vtec when packing.

Does Vtec effect landing performance?
No. Flight performance with Vtec (with covers or valves) is the same as a non-vented canopy.

What are the major benefits of Vtec?

  • Timely and consistent pressurization of the air-foil.
  • Pressurization that is less influenced by a tail or cross wind.
  • The airfoil is inflated using Vtec, thus it can create lift as soon as forward movement is achieved. Giving the jumper a parachute that is controllable much sooner than non - Vtec.

Does Vtec come with a cover or valve?
Vtec includes a cover that will automatically close the vent as soon as traditional ram-air is present. It will automatically open if the wing stalls or if the nose is closed off during some types of object strikes. In the event of object strike the Vtec opens and keeps better pressurization of the airfoil.

Can I get Vtec without Covers?
We don't recommend it because landing and glide performance are improved with the Vtec covers. When Vtec was introduced in late 1999 we did so without any cover because of customer pressure for the new improved inflation characteristic. Design and testing continued to find a functional cover allowing easy inflow and consistent closure. Once a cover design was perfected all Vtec have included a cover (valve). Cover only retrofits are available for early model coverless Vtec.

Can Vtec be retrofitted onto older canopies?
Yes, Apex BASE will retrofit any FOX or FLiK (in airworthy condition) originally built without Vtec.


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