Ultralite Canopy Information


By: Apex BASE

ULTRALITE fabric NOW available in BLACK

Apex BASE is expanding the canopy line to include Lite and Ultralite canopies. We are excited to announce the release of the FLiK UltraLite and FOX UltraLite canopies. By using special Ultralite fabric, which has come into use in the BASE industry over the past few years, we are able to reduce the pack volume and weight significantly. You are still getting the same great flight characteristics that you know and love from the FLiK or FOX, with up to a 28% reduction in pack volume and a 21% reduction in weight! To give you an idea, the FLiK 242 UltraLite fits into a container made for a standard FLiK 182! When we first started testing the UltraLite in the BASE environment, the only rig that the canopy would fit in with a large enough harness was the DPw (our water rig). This rig is designed to fit a 21’ round water canopy and the FLiK 242 UltraLite fit just fine (well a little tight). More than a few people were surprised to see a DPw exiting at the Royal Gorge Go Fast Games, where a round canopy would be completely unacceptable. They were even more surprised to see a FLiK emerge from within the tiny container. 


1. What is the cost of the new UltraLite canopies compared to the standard canopies? The fabric is almost three times as expensive as normal 0-3, “F-111,” fabric. It is made overseas therefore the shipping and customs are contributing factors. This puts the UltraLites starting at $1999 and going through $2900 with the more popular size around $2400
2. Is it worth it? For some jumpers, absolutely. The reduced size and weight can make a big difference in many areas.
3. Does the canopy last as long as a standard FLiK or FOX? If properly maintained, protected from the elements (most importantly UV radiation-packing in the sun) and avoiding tree/bush/cactus landings, the canopies can last just as long. In fact, the canopy may maintain it’s 0-3 cfm porosity longer due to the new tighter weave. In pull tests, tear tests and permeability tests, new UltraLite fabric meets or exceeds the specs for regular 0-3 fabric. Longevity? Time will tell.
4. What about no slider jumps? We have been jumping this canopy as we would any BASE canopy. We have models with Vtec 1/7 to 3/7 being used as any BASE canopy would including S/L and short freefall. The information is limited but the UltraLites are performing well. We are continuing to gather data on this canopy in the full spectrum of BASE.
5. What type of line? Apex BASE has chosen to leave this option up to you. We have made 400 lb. Dacron line the standard. For maximum bulk reduction we will offer the option of 725 lb Spectra line. The Spectra line option is for those who are willing to dedicate the canopy to slider-up only.
6. What colors are UltaLite canopies available in? The only colors available are black, white and gray, although coloring the center cell with the standard 0-3 fabric is an option with relative little bulk increase. Other options include Variable Vtec and HTS (Hybrid Top Surface).
7. What rigs do the UltraLites fit into? We are currently gathering data on the newly designed Apex TLs. The new Apex TLs (Through Loop small) operates on the same design features as the Apex TL (Apex TL is for standard size and Lite canopies). The Apex TLs is sized for ultra small canopies while keeping the yoke and BOC proportioned to the jumper size. The Apex TLs is shown with the FLiK UltraLite 242 on a 6 foot body. The Apex DP will be available for the UltraLite canopies, currently in a limited number of sizes.


FLiK 242 Standard
Volume 695ci
Weight 9 lbs

FLiK 242 Lite
Volume 647ci 7% reduction from standard
Weight 8.4 lbs 6% reduction from standard

FLIK 242 UltraLite
Volume 499ci 28% reduction from standard
Weight 7.1 lbs 21% reduction from standard

For comparison
FLiK 182 Standard volume is approximately 515ci

FLiK 266 UltraLite
Volume 586ci
Weight 7.6 lbs

FLiK 220 UltraLite
Volume 478ci
Weight 6.9 lbs

FLiK 200 UltraLite
Volume 443ci
Weight 6 lbs


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