Red Ultralite Fabric Now Available

Apex BASE is proud to announce the arrival of Red Ultralite fabric.  In the early days of the Ultralite white and gray were the only offerings.  We added black to the list a few years later.  Now we have Red Ultralite in stock, but supply is limited. 

Our studies have shown that this fabric, combined with our tried-and-true BASE Jumper specific canopy designs, is suitable for both slider-up and slider-off jumping. Our Ultralite fabric meets or exceeds traditional 0-3 (F-111) standards in all strength tests.


  • An UltraLite canopy packs about 28% smaller than one built the same size using the traditional 0-3 fabric and construction style. That's the equivalent of downsizing 6 sizes. Not only is the UltraLite pack volume reduced but weight is reduced as well. Weight on the UltraLite is reduced about 20% when compared to a standard built canopy.
  • The UltraLite can be packed into the Apex TLs or a Summit.
  • The FLiK UltraLite and FOX UltraLite are setting the bar high when it comes to ultra light canopy design.
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