The new Remove-A-Slider aka RAS makes the transformation between a slider up configuration to a no slider configuration much easier and does not require opening or removing the connector links.  The grommets found on a typical slider have been replaced by custom built stainless steel slotted rings. The slider can now be easily removed from the slotted ring.  Before packing for a slider off jump- the slotted ring is secured to the respective riser eliminating the need to open and remove the connector link from the riser to take the slider off.  The RAS, for BASE jumpers, is compatible with both stainless steel connector links as well as soft links.

A similar version of the RAS system gained popularity in the skydiving world for its in-flight removable capabilities.  In BASE the in-flight functionality is not necessary.  The removal or installation is now a pre-packing procedure depending on the next jump. Switch between sliders (inserts) is easy with the RAS system.  Using the same slotted rings the jumper can switch between a sail slider and a mesh slider (or large mesh to small mesh) without ever opening a connector link.  The transformation between each configuration takes under two minutes.

“On our trip (to a bridge), I would do a slider up jump off the tower in the morning, then take the slider off to get as many jumps off the deck ... then when we'd get back to the house, I’d put the slider back on for the next tower jump in the morning.” say RAS designer, Jojo Pfahler, after a BASE trip that involved two different exit points.

The initial assembly of the RAS system will require the links to be opened and assembled in a similar manner to a standard slider.  Proper continuity will need to be confirmed after the initial installation.  From that time on, the links can stay assembled onto the risers thus removing the risk of dropping or twisting a link during a slider change.  

Apex BASE is proud to offer this innovative design to BASE jumpers around the world.  “This new slider design will allow the slider to be removed without the safety concerns of a twisted link which encourages some jumpers to leave the slider on when they shouldn’t,” says company spokesman Todd Shoebotham. 

Apex BASE is the largest manufacturer of BASE specific equipment in the world. They are the only BASE company that designs, manufactures, and distributes BASE jumping harness / containers and BASE specific parachutes. They pride themselves not only on the customer service they provide but also on the industry leading innovation and unparalleled manufacturing quality. BASE jumping is who they are, what they love to do, and where they focus.


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