Bridge Day BASE Jumping Courses

By: Apex BASE


The Bridge Day BASE Jump Course includes three days of instruction and is taught by Apex BASE during Bridge Day week. Bridge Day is the 3rd Saturday in October.  The course begins on the Wednesday before Bridge Day. The Bridge Day BASE Jump Course is intended as a more comprehensive introduction to BASE than the 6-8 hour Bridge Day Introductory Course. In addition to the basic skills needed for a successful Bridge Day experience, such as packing, exits, and canopy flight, this course covers malfunctions and object avoidance theory. A Bridge Day BJC manual, technical handouts covering topics like static-line tie-off knot, a T-shirt, and a packing DVD are also included. Launch practice via the exit trainer and a landing area tour are provided.

Attendees must meet all Bridge Day requirements for gear and experience. Upon successful completion of this course, all students will receive a discount coupon good for 5% off the price of a full set of Apex gear. This course combines in person training with simulated exits and some home study. Participants will be expected to review (and practice) study materials received after signing up, prior to arriving at Bridge Day. Primary emphasis of the course will be on a successful Bridge Day experience with additional material covering further training for your progression in the sport of BASE. This course covers training only and jump passes must be purchased separately.


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