Respecting Moab

  By: Anthony "Donk" DiCola The Following article appeared in Skydiving Magazine. It was written by long time jumper Donk about Moab and it was so awesome we asked if we could reprint it here. If you are planning on coming to jump in Moab, have a look, there is some very valuable information here. Respecting Moab (and back country parachuting) - it may not be for everyone By Anthony "Donk" DiCola Contributions by Jason Bell, Tom Aiello, Jimmy Pouchert, Marta Empinotti, Clint MacBeth, Photo Credits: Chris Bazil, Jason Bell, Cali DiC..

Bridge Day BASE Jumping Courses

By: Apex BASE Overview The Bridge Day BASE Jump Course includes three days of instruction and is taught by Apex BASE during Bridge Day week. Bridge Day is the 3rd Saturday in October.  The course begins on the Wednesday before Bridge Day. The Bridge Day BASE Jump Course is intended as a more comprehensive introduction to BASE than the 6-8 hour Bridge Day Introductory Course. In addition to the basic skills needed for a successful Bridge Day experience, such as packing, exits, and canopy flight, this course covers..

Ultra Low Freefall by Dwain Weston

(Dwain died in October 2003 but this article explains some of the methods he helped develop and depicts some of the depth in thought he put into BASE jumping.) Additional notes/comments provided by Todd Shoebotham There are six main phases in deployment (note:some of these phases overlap in sequence). Phase 1 - Pilot chute (PC) is released (via BOC or Hand Held) Phase 2 - PC reaches bridle stretch Phase 3 - PC inflates Another method being explored by ultra low altitude enthusiasts is a "pre-inflated pc" (typically with a shorte..

Turkey Boogie 2005

By: Lee Hardesty The Turkey Boogie in 2005 ended up being the classic case of too many people jumping in a dangerous place. The herd mentality won out and we ended up with 2 jumpers hung up on the wall one right after the other was rescued. The rescues were both done extremely quickly and efficiently, however alot was learned by these accidents and subsequent rescues. Lee Hardesty wrote me this email and I wanted to share it with everyone. He brings up some great points, some which I hadn't thought about. Check it out... I hope you had ..

Tips for BASE Jumping at the Perrine Bridge

By: Jamie Boutwell Reprinted by permission from the February 2007 issue of Skydiving Magazine. All rights reserved. Tips for Jumping the Perrine Bridge by Jamie Boutwell Some say that Twin Falls, Idaho, is a Mecca for BASE jumping and I agree! The Perrine Bridge is a great place for all levels of BASE jumpers. From students to the most experienced BASE jumpers, this bridge offers something for everyone. With its "tolerated" status people can come here and jump the bridge without fear of being arrest..

BASE Jumping a Pin Rig

By: Todd Shoebotham CAUTION: When you step up to the higher performance of a pin-closed BASE jumping container, you need to step up your own performance too because pin rigs demand more user knowledge and awareness due to components and characteristics not found on Velcro-closed containers. 1. Loop length. The loop must be the right length. If it's too long, the pins may come out too soon if it's too short, they may come out too late. 2. Loop thickness. The loop must be thin enough to slide easily in and out of the grommet. If it ..

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