Apex BASE Advanced Training (ABAT)


About cliff jumping in Moab: Apex BASE will show you jumps in the Moab area, hook you up with other jumpers, and provide help and advice for your first cliff jumps. However, prior to jumping the cliffs of Moab with Apex BASE you must have completed the following prerequisites:

  • Completed the Apex BASE first jump course.
  • Accumulated at least 40 BASE jumps.
  • You are current.
  • Completed the Apex BASE Advanced Training (ABAT) course

The ABAT course is fee based and includes rigging and rope management for climbing rescues and first aid basics. We'll look at how to approach a launch point that requires technical climbing and also take a deeper look at environmental issues as they pertain to BASE jumping. The course also includes how to supply yourself for the backcountry. If you have a climbing background and are already trained in first aid, portions of the ABAT course may be waived.

The following is a report on the course by former student Lee Samartino.  This is what he had to say:

When I first started BASE jumping, I wanted only the best and most patient, involved teachers. Due to the high risk of the sport, I did more due diligence than I normally would when researching learning venues. The more research that I did, the more the direction kept pointing back to APEX BASE. Though I made several jumps from 2000-2005, I took my First Jump Course (FJC) in June of 2005. Jimmy Pouchert and Marta Empinotti from APEX are hands down two of the nicest people that I have met. Their dedication to the sport and safety of their students is unparalleled. Upon leaving the First Jump Course, I felt confident that I had the skills and knowledge to begin my career as a BASE Jumper. Over the nearly two years that I have been in the sport, APEX has always been available to answer any questions that I had, be it on equipment, objects, sites, conditions, general knowledge, events, etc.

APEX BASE has done it again! I recently took the APEX ABAT (APEX BASE Advanced Training) Course. Though this course is not centered around learning to BASE Jump, as that is what the FJC is for, it brings the student into an arena that at some point or another in a BASE Jumper's career, everyone will experience. Although the course focuses on back country BASE in the Moab area, I left there with much more than what their course description eludes. The ABAT course is two full intensive days of training in everything from rappelling and climbing to first aid, map reading, and much more. When I reflect on the course, I now feel confident that I can assist in rescues that occur not only in the sport of BASE Jumping, but any outdoor activities where persons are susceptible to injury. This course is indispensable for every BASE Jumper. I would sincerely like to thank Jimmy, Marta, and our instructor Matt, for all of their time and dedication that they gave in the course.

Apex is the epitome of quality, class, dedication and professionalism in every aspect of their business. I recommend APEX not only for the superior equipment that they produce, but for the exemplary standards that they exhibit in their ethics, education, and safety. Thank you to APEX BASE, Todd Shoebotham, Jimmy Pouchert and Marta Empinotti for their continued support and helping me to become the educated BASE Jumper that I am.


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