Equal Rights for All at Camelback Mountain Preserve! Keep the park open! Equal Rights for All at Camelback Mountain Preserve! Keep the park open!

BASE jumping at Camelback AZ is under attack. There will be a City Council meeting on Thursday, Feb 27 at 5pm to discuss banning BASE in the park. We need to make sure this doesn't happen. Come to the City Council Chambers at 200 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ. If you can't make it, sign our online petition here. Repost and share this so we do not lose this gem. ..

Recognize BASE Jumping As an Appropriate Recreational Activity in Our National Parks and Recreational Areas

  Published by ApexBASE on Oct 08, 2010 Category: NPS Practices Region: United States of America Target: Department of Interior, Secretary Ken Salazar et al Background (Preamble): Currently, individuals caught BASE jumping within National Parks and Recreation Areas, without a permit, are charged with unlawful delivery of a person by parachute under 36 CFR 2.17(3) - Aircraft and air delivery (3) Delivering or retrieving a person or object by parachute, helicopter, or other airborne means, exce..

Apex BASE Advanced Training (ABAT)

  About cliff jumping in Moab: Apex BASE will show you jumps in the Moab area, hook you up with other jumpers, and provide help and advice for your first cliff jumps. However, prior to jumping the cliffs of Moab with Apex BASE you must have completed the following prerequisites: Completed the Apex BASE first jump course. Accumulated at least 40 BASE jumps. You are current. Completed the Apex BASE Advanced Training (ABAT) course The ABAT course is fee based and includes rigging and rope management for climbing rescue..

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