The Apex V (Velcro Rig) Harness And Container

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The Apex V is our Velcro Closed BASE Harness and Container. It has been updated and tricked out to suit those jumpers who still demand Velcro.


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Apex V: BASE Jumping's New School Answer to Old School Technology

We are proud to announce the release of the Apex V, the first Velcro closed BASE container produced by Apex BASE.  With over 40 years of combined BASE jumping equipment design experience, the Apex BASE Velcro closed, BASE specific harness and container system is the choice in Velcro closed containers.

When it comes to static-line BASE jumps or climbing a tall antenna, some BASE jumpers still prefer the Velcro closed container.  Apex BASE has made several improvements to the traditional Velcro closed containers. From the aerodynamic shape, ease of packing container, to the snag resistant shrivel-flap that tucks into the integrated top-flap-pocket, The Apex V takes the Velcro-closed BASE harness and container technology to the next level.
Standard Features:

  • Full Riser covers
  • Low profile cutaway handle
  • B.O.C. Deployment
  • Secure Shrivel Tuck Pocket (S.S.T.P)
  • EZ Grab Toggles

Optional Features:

  • Hip Articulation
  • Mag Bridle System (Exclusive)
  • Bottomless Corners
  • Saddlebags
  • Built in Risers
  • Mini 3-rings
  • Deluxe Back Pad
  • Static Line Bridle
  • Personalized Embroidery


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