Apex DPx (eXpandable) Back Country BASE Container

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The Apex DPx (Dual Pin eXpandable) is the BASE container that allows you to jump with all of your climbing, camping, or camera gear.


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The Apex backcountry parachuting system the Apex DPx (Dual Pin eXpandable) is an integrated backpack-harness-container system created to meet growing customer demand for BASE rigs with places to stash stuff during a jump.

The Apex DPx is a 21st century version of Moe Viletto's pioneering Para-Pak system of the 1990s, updated and refined by Viletto and Apex chief designer Todd Shoebotham. There are two DPx models, the 13 (1300 cubic inch) and the 33 (3300 cubic inches). Both mount DP-based container systems to a single-chamber storage cell attached to a standard Apex harness; both work just like a standard DP when the storage cells are empty, and like the rest of the Apex harness-container family, both come in different sizes to accommodate various canopies.

The DPX 13 storage cell is a semi-compressible, 1,300-cubic-inch space designed for one-day or overnight operations in populated areas urban and rural. It can carry various combinations of jackets, water, snacks, stash bags, sleeping bags, first-aid kits, cameras and/or even an extra rig. The DPx 33 storage cell is a fully compressible, 3,300-cubic-inch space designed for multi-day wilderness expeditions. It can carry all the above at the same time plus various combinations of camp stoves, food supplies, extra clothes, ropes, tent, even a raft if the need arises.

The DPx is first and foremost a dual pin BASE rig. When the storage cell is compressed (closed) the system works like any BASE rig with riser covers, BOC and standard features found on most BASE rigs. But the beauty of the DPx is versatility. When that special adventure comes along rather it be a Baffin Island, Angel Falls, or just a local object with special needs the DPx can take you there with the things you need.

The DPx 13 is designed for small loads into the backcountry or as an urban-rural rig with some storage space the perfect BASE system because, bottom line, it's a great BASE rig with the quality and features you expect from Apex BASE. You don't need to fill up the storage cell if you don't want to; you can use it as a conventional rig. But if you want to carry those items that make even a quick trip to a local site more comfortable, the DPx makes carrying support gear a no-muss, no-fuss proposition.

The DPx 33 is designed for multi-day trips into wilderness areas far from population centers. Like the standard model, the DPx 33 is a great BASE rig with the quality and features you expect from Apex BASE, and with the storage cell compressed, it can be jumped as a conventional rig. If you want to take long trips, however, the DPx 33 'opens up entire new worlds,' says Viletto. 'You can more easily carry ropes, cameras, even another rig - or you can team up and take all the comforts of home into the backcountry or just do something really cool. A team of DPx 33 rigs, for example, could jump from a cliff into a remote river area, land on a sandbar, pull out a raft and float out.' Viletto says the DPx 33 also allows for 'creative packing. You figure out how to take things with a double purpose. I take bota bags, for example. They hold one gallon of wine or water - and they can be inflated to be a pillow or flotation device. I've also taken a fishing pole as disguise, but some jumpers might want to fish. And if you do multiple trips to a single site, you can take serious stuff like stoves, fuel, batteries, stash them and use them until the end of the season and then jump it off.' Viletto says the saddlebags come in handy too, even though their carrying space pales in comparison to the storage cell, and that the whole assembly just brings peace of mind. 'Every little space counts,' he says. 'The optional saddlebags are the perfect place for gloves, hats and the other things I like to call 'attitude support.' And there's just nothing like having everything you need; the DPx gives you all the confidence in the world to be out there in the backcountry. You don't have to worry about the weather or unexpected delays or other obstacles because you have everything you need. It's not just a rig; it's a home.'


  • Large Harness 3-Rings
  • Solid State non-articulated Harness Design
  • 3-Ring Integrity Risers
  • EZ Grab L.R.T. Toggles
  • BASE Pilot Chute
  • Bridle
  • Two Parapak-protected spandex BOC pouches to accommodate compressed and expanded configurations
  • Owner's Manual


  • Tie Dye or camouflage fabric
  • Saddle Bags
  • Hook Knife
  • Bottomless Corners
  • Articulated Harness
  • Stash Bag (this option included with a canopy/container purchase)
  • Non-Detachable Risers L-Bar risers (removable but without cutaway capabilities)
  • Anodized hardware (black)

Harness/Container Only: includes bridle and owners manual.  

Harness/Container Package includes:

  • container with non-articulated harness
  • bridle
  • risers with EZ grab LRT toggles
  • pilot chute (up to $75 value)
  • owners manual and short sleeve t-shirt.

You can upgrade individual items for the difference in cost. A savings of $52.

  Canopy/Container Package includes:

  • Harness/Container Package plus any canopy
  • large hole mesh slider
  • deluxe stash bag
  • hook knife
  • field kit
  • 50% off a second p/c

You can upgrade individual items for the difference in cost. A savings of $204.

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