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Apex BASE provides aerial consulting and offers the following services:

  • Aerial Technical Advising
  • Custom Aerial Stunt Rigging
  • Aerial Stunt Coordinating
  • BASE Jumping
  • Skydiving

If you have a job involving a parachute but don't know where to start, we do. Call or email us with your question, we've probably got the answer.

The following is a list of Apex BASE Media Credits (Some were done under the business name of Basic Research):

Special Events:

  • Organized and did the BASE jumps for the pre-game show of Superbowl XXXVIII in conjunction with Aerosmith singing "Dream On" at Reliant stadium in Houston.
  • Royal Gorge "Go Fast Games": BASE jumping safety and coordination.
  • Angel Falls, Venezuela: Organized the jumpers to travel into the jungle and jump the world's tallest waterfall.

Television Commercials:

Motion Pictures:

  • "XXX", Corvette BASE jump from 750 foot bridge, manufactured all BASE equipment, on location parachute safety
  • "Bucket List", aircraft safety for tandem jumps
  • "Iron Man", manufactured custom parachute system for ejection scene, on location parachute safety
  • "Along Came Polly", Building BASE jump, manufactured custom BASE equipment and on location parachute safety
  • Sony Pictures, "Charlie's Angels", parachuting water safety and parachute rigging
  • Golden Parashoots, "Cutaway", building and antenna jumps
  • Paramount Pictures "Congo", aircraft crew
  • Austin Power's Goldmember, all parachute rigging


  • National Geographic- The Adventurist- airing in March 2008
  • Stunt Junkies- Truck Jump- Marta Empinotti
  • Stunt Junkies- Reverse bungee- Jimmy Pouchert
  • Stunt Junkies- Bob skateboard BASE jump
  • Television movie "Heist" building jump
  • 4-D movie in the Tower of the America's theatre
  • Suzuki commercial
  • MTV's True Life with Gunnar Jeanette
  • MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Building jumps through glass, Los Angeles, California
  • MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Para Ski, Tahoe, California
  • MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Hang Glider, California
  • MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Bridge Jumps, Auburn, California
  • MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Cliff Jump, Wing Suit Flight, Navajo Reservation, Arizona
  • MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Spring Break, Helicopter jumps and Tandem skydive Cancun, Mexico
  • MTV Sports, Cliff jumps, Angle Falls, Venezuela
  • MTV Sports, "Skydiver in a Week", instructing skydiving from first jump to license in one week.
  • "Rolling Thunder" truck drop with parachute, Kingman, Arizona

Videos and Shorts:

  • USC Film, "Stealing Altitude," Building jumps, California
  • Standard Films, "Totally Board," snow boarding cliff jumps, Norway
  • Jennings Productions, "Fog Dog", Intentional parachute malfunction
  • BR Productions, "Around the World on a Square," BASE jumps, Norway, Australia, France
  • "Around the World II,"
  • Super Bowl jump, Norway, XXX behind the scenes.
  • Triax video "Continuum 2," rigging tips and interviews, jumping footage

Commercial Custom Parachutes and Logos:

  • "MTV" logo on the top surface of a square parachute.
  • "Burton Snow Board" logo on the bottom surface of parachute.
  • "Red Bull" logo on bottom and top surface of square parachute.
  • "Hurley" logo on bottom surface of square parachute.
  • "Ensure" logo on bottom surface of square parachute.
  • Automatic opening parachute for a shopping cart, MTV Sports.
  • Nine hundred square foot "Nestle Ice Cream" flag.

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