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Do you have a logo?

Did you know that you can have your logo (or your sponsor’s logo) sewn onto your FLiK or FOX parachute? We have been building parachutes with logos for years, and have some pretty impressive works of art to show you!

The prices for logos vary greatly depending on the complexity of the artwork, but typically a logo on your parachute will come with the following costs:

Set up fee: This fee is to prepare the logo to go onto the parachute. This set up fee is a one-time charge you only pay it once no matter how many parachutes or flags you put the logo on. This fee can range anywhere from $250 to $5,000.

Application fee: This fee is the cost for actually applying the logo to the parachute. You pay this for each application of the logo. This fee can range anywhere between $250 to $5,000.

We highly recommend using a light colored parachute and a dark color logo for the best visual impact. A dark parachute, and/or low contrast between parachute and logo, will make the image difficult to see.

Top or bottom surface application: Obviously, since the parachute has two surfaces, you can choose either one, or both, for applying your logo. Since the top surface is curved, application to the top surface is generally more expensive than the bottom surface. Choosing which surface you want to use will depend on the situation: for parachuting into stadiums, the bottom surface is best, but if your spectators are at the exit point, the top surface would show better. To cover various situations, from demos to photo shoots, you would want the logo on both surfaces.

Flags, banners, or tubes: Apex BASE is also able to apply your logo to a flag, banner, or freefly tube! Again, the set-up fee would be paid once, and then you only pay the application for each logo.

Obviously, the more complex the logo, the more expensive it will be, both for set up and for application. For example, the Aerosmith logo you see on this page cost about $1500 for set up and application on the first parachute.

To receive a free quote for your logo, please e-mail us a .jpg or .bmp file to, and we’ll get right on it! 

3-2-1 C’your logo flying overhead!

How to save money on your logo:

If you are thinking about getting your custom logo put on your new FOX or FLiK, or if your sponsor is interested in getting their logo on your parachute, we have some information that can save you big bucks on the set up and application charges.

We need the files to be in Vector format. In the past we have used .jpg files, but these types of files require hours and hours of artwork time. If you (or your sponsor) can send us the logo in the formats used by our cutting software, we can eliminate much of the artwork time. The two formats that transfer directly into our software program are .hpgl or .plt files. If you cannot get these formats, our second choice is .eps or .acad. 
Providing these file types when submitting a logo for our estimate will save everyone money and time. Not only in the quotation process, but also in the actual production of your logo. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail.


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