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The application to the right is the first step toward participating in one of our events.

We have found, over the years, there is a certain formula that we follow to have the safest, most predictable, well organized and most importantly, fun event. We look for people who have done the work, done the drills, and approached BASE jumping in a reasonable manner.

We also look for talented jumpers. If you have a great attitude, play well with others(both jumpers and the local citizens of wherever the event is), make great decisions, or at least pretty good decisions, agree to jump well within your own limits including especially only doing the aerials that you have trained for and mastered, and absolutely positively laugh more than once a day, then by all means, please fill out this application and click the submit button. Our friendly website robot will then let you know that we have received it and once we reach the application deadline, will let everyone know whether they have been accepted or not into the event you are applying for.

Note: If you have a history of breaking yourself due to pilot error, perhaps one of our events is not for you? If you have a history of making poor decisions, day blazing illegal objects or otherwise being a total doucher, please do not apply. If you need to show off and jump outside of your own personal limits, please do not apply.

Thank you!!
Jimmy and Marta

Go Fast Games Greece
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