Lobo BASE Jumping Parachute

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Cleaner Openings. Optimized Flight. Better Landings.

Fly With Unparalleled Stability, Efficiency and Power.

As a BASE Jumper, you’ve never experienced anything as confidence-inspiring as the Apex BASE Lobo. The result of six years of intensive research, development and testing, the Lobo represents a ground-up redesign for BASE jumpers of all skill levels. We made it to tackle the most demanding BASE jumping environments, from slider-up to slider-down and back again. We made it for you.

Redefining What a BASE Parachute Can Do

While other companies have been content to refine existing BASE parachute technology, Apex BASE has redefined what is possible. First, the Lobo features a larger aspect ratio (2.06 :1) and a larger camber, increasing available lift and delivering noticeably greater stability in slow flight. Second, the Lobo’s design integrates a technological crossover from paragliding and skydiving: a rolled-over nose, which retains pressure in low-speed situations and creates a smoother airflow over the airfoil. Third, the Lobo’s optimized crossports and upper control line configuration significantly improves control and flare power. Take it from our diverse testing team: you’ll appreciate these changes from the very first jump.

Sean Chuma Apex BASE Lobo

"The Lobo has awesome glide, incredible flare power and really soft landings. The soft and consistent slider up openings for my wing suit flights have especially impressed me."

- Sean Chuma


The innovations don’t stop there. Most noticeably: we used Ultralite fabric for the Lobo in order to reduce weight and bulk without sacrificing strength. The result is a strong, easy-to-pack canopy that lightens the load on long hikes. All Lobos feature Vtec**, a mesh slider, dual brake settings, easy-packing color-­coded line tabs, dual toggle settings and a double bridle attachment point for cleaner, smoother deployments.

Line Dump? That’s So Last Season.

The Lobo was designed with an industry-first top-loading tail pocket: a design that no longer relies on the Velcro during deployment, significantly reducing the instance of line dump. The size of this opening has been calculated (and rigorously tested) to pass the correct amount of line through unrestricted without allowing too much -- even with less-than-perfect line stows. (Prefer the old ways? No problem. We can deliver your Lobo with the classic tail pocket.)

Not satisfied with canopy size options? Neither were we!

We offer the Lobo in more sizes than any other BASE canopy on the market.*** This means that jumpers across the size spectrum can find the precise wing loading for their comfort, performance and safety. The Lobo’s 10-square-foot sizing increments put jumpers right in the sweet spot: .7 to .725. The resulting firmer airfoil delivers better lift, less distortion in the wing and cleaner performance.

  • *Ultralite fabric is currently available in orange, grey, white, red and black.
  • **3-of-7 vent configuration
  • ***From 160 to 350 square feet



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