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If your looking for BASE specific performance, then look no further.  The FLiK parachute (introduced in June 2002) has consistent openings, reliable heading control, perfect glide, with incredible flare and landing performance. The FLiK is available in 11 sizes ranging from 182 square feet to 354 square feet. FLiK options include variable Vtec, Multi, HTS and custom colors.


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The FLiK BASE canopy, with an aspect ration of 2.08/1, was designed to provide better glide and flare performance over its predecessor the FOX.  The FLiK's performance has proven itself around the world.  The FLiK is well suited for a wide range and types of BASE jumping.  Slider up the openings are positive and consistent.  Slider removed (or down) the openings are brisk and reliable.  The FLiK is constructed with spanwise reinforcement at the B, C, and D lines.  The bridle attachment is designed to handle the harsh treatment imposed by over sized BASE pilot chutes.

The FLiK can be outfitted with Vtec (bottom surface vent).

Another option is HTS (Hybrid Top Surface).  This option places ZP fabric on the forward 1/3 of the top surface.  HTS provides better lift, most noticeable during a flare.

Multi (multiple bridle attachment) is yet one more option.  The Multi provides the best lift capabilities of any bridle attachment.  The Multi use a total of 4 or 2 (new modified Multi) lifting points instead of just 1 bridle attachment.  The Multi reduces center cell strip a common issue with Tail Pocket deployed square parachutes.

The FLiK comes standard with a Tail Gate (anti line-over device) , mesh slider (large hole or small hole), stainless steel connector links, Tail Pocket, Tail Gate Friendly Lines (colored to help set the Tail Gate), and custom colors.


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