Brad Perkins

Name: Brad Perkins
Home: Dallas, TX
Skydives: 1,200+
BASE Jumps: 300+
Favorite BASE Jumps: I have had a lot of awesome jumps...jumping off the Drift van into a Swiss dam; that was a pretty exciting jump, Eiger- it has one of the most amazing views I have ever seen and add that to the Tabasco line, and you are for sure in for some fun.
Passions: Climbing, Editing footage and laying out in my hammock.


After years of skydiving, I was looking for my next adventure. After researching through hundreds of articles and advice from experienced jumpers, I went with APEX BASE and have been jumping APEX since. I have three Apex containers, The DP, Summit, and TL. The quality and customer service your receive at APEX is unmatched with any other manufacture I have come across. With great people running Apex, you can expect to receive the best service and gear money can buy. Not only does APEX make the best gear, they also have one of the most knowledgeable and friendliest crew I ever come across. When you join the APEX family, you don’t just purchase a BASE rig. You become part of the family. Whether you are looking for new gear, BASE courses, or a good time, Apex will for sure have plenty options to choose from. I choose APEX BASE because I know my gear will not fail me when I need it most.
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