2014 BASE Jump Extreme World Championships - Benidorm, Spain

June 2014, from the 525ft (160 Meters) Gran Hotel Bali1 with spectacular views of the beach of Benidorm, this BASE Jumping event will be broadcasted through Spanish and European TV channels: Eurosport in 18 languages, Teledeporte, Canal +. 

Requirements for participation in the Championship

  • The Spanish Association of Base Jumping (AESBASE) reserves the right to change the requirements based on the danger of jumping / event.
  • Athletes must have a minimum of 150 BASE jumps with the last 10 jumps in the 3 months prior to the event.

Send the following information to info@aesbase.com. AESBASE will verify your experience before you can be accepted.

  1. Full name:
  2. Date of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Address
  5. E-mail
  6. Telephone number
  7. Telephone number in case of emergency
  8. Years of experience in B.A.S.E JUMPING
  9. Number of B.A.S.E JUMPS to date
  10. Number of B.A.S.E JUMPS in 2013
  11. Number of B.A.S.E JUMPS in the last three months
  12. Number slider down jumps
  13. Have you taken part in some championship? Which?
  14. Have you international license? attach please. If you haven´t the international this year the Air federation say that is required the pay of license spanish or international, fee 170 €.
  15. Size t-shirt for official t-shirt championship.
  16. And your size shoe! :) for your gift sponsor.

Those of you who are participating for the first time, please send a references of a known jumper who can vouch for your skill and safety level. To jump in the event you need to have your insurance and current and valid license in Spain. If you have any doubts, the association of base jumping can solve it.

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