2015 SBK Heliboogie, Kjerag Norway

One of the best annual BASE Jumping events is on the calendar. The Helicopter Boogie at Kjerag in Lysebotn has been arranged for the fourth weekend of June 2015. The helicopters will be there for 4 full days of BASE Jumping, from 17th of June through 20nd of June (Subject to change).

Basic event and location rules, requirements, and general information can be found here. There will be a limited number of participants allowed at this boogie. The maximum is 250 jumpers. Those who report to Stein Edvardsen upon arrival and declare their participation will be secured a slot.

Fill out the registration form and submit (This link is for heliboogie ONLY)

Event Prices:

  • Reg. fee 300 Nok Annual registration fee SBK
  • Boogie fee 300 Nok Includes free boat transport during the heliboogie
  • Heli ticket 500 Nok Per ride up
  • All prices are subject to change

Click here for accomodations

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