Apex BASE Advanced Courses

    Advanced Course Level 1   The Advanced Course Level 1 is designed to reinforce basics learned in a previous BASE Course or from a mentor to advance your skills to the next level.  It also helps you to have a better understanding of the canopy's aerodymamics: canopy reaction to riser input versus toggle input, sinking, stall point, etc...  We focus on turning a novice BASE Jumper into to a more experienced, stronger, safer jumper, ready and confident to progress to more technical objects, such as building..

European BASE Jumping Expedition

  This expedition is a service we offer to you as a BASE Jumper who has completed one of our First BASE Courses. For 2015 we are organizing a European adventure to Norway and Switzerland. This service is intended to offer you as an Apex BASE student an opportunity to experience BASE Jumping from big walls and ultimately be able to return without assistance. As with any of our offerings, we want to impart valuable information to aid you in safely advancing within the sport. Please send us an email and we will provide you with the cost..

2015 Apex Customer Appreciation Day, Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls, ID

As a way to show our appreciation for our customers and support for the BASE Jumping industry, we have scheduled the fourth annual Apex BASE customer appreciation day for August 8, 2015. Join us for a fun day of jumping, friends and food. As with every year: This event is free and casual; We pay for the boat for the day; We're bringing a bunch of toys for people to try including demo canopies & containers, as well as a couple of water round parachutes for those of you that want to get wet; Food for all you hungry savages (Br..

2015 SBK Heliboogie, Kjerag Norway

One of the best annual BASE Jumping events is on the calendar. The Helicopter Boogie at Kjerag in Lysebotn has been arranged for the fourth weekend of June 2015. The helicopters will be there for 4 full days of BASE Jumping, from 17th of June through 20nd of June (Subject to change). Basic event and location rules, requirements, and general information can be found here. There will be a limited number of participants allowed at this boogie. The maximum is 250 jumpers. Those who report to Stein Edvardsen upon arrival and declare their partici..

2014 BASE Jump Extreme World Championships - Benidorm, Spain

June 2014, from the 525ft (160 Meters) Gran Hotel Bali1 with spectacular views of the beach of Benidorm, this BASE Jumping event will be broadcasted through Spanish and European TV channels: Eurosport in 18 languages, Teledeporte, Canal +.  Requirements for participation in the Championship The Spanish Association of Base Jumping (AESBASE) reserves the right to change the requirements based on the danger of jumping / event. Athletes must have a minimum of 150 BASE jumps with the last 10 jumps in the 3 months prior to the ev..

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