Marta Empinotti

Name: Marta Empinotti
Home: Boulder, CO
Skydives: 1,500+
BASE Jumps: 1,600+
Favorite BASE Jumps: Wing Suiting Angel Falls, Venezuela, Cave of the Swallows, Mexico, El Gigante, Mexico, Petrona Towers, Malaysia, Blue Mountain, South Africa, the Water Fall in Norway, Penthouse in Dubai, Half Dome, El Cap, and Glacier Point, California, Black Canyon, Colorado, Little Colorado, Arizona, Wing suiting The Mushroom, Switzerland, . Dragon's Nest, Moab, King Fisher, Moab and snowboarding off of Yellow Ocean, Switzerland, and some secret ones that shall not be named.
Passions: Climbing, SCUBA Diving and Flying


I love my Apex gear because it is comfortable, built to last, offers functional options, great workmanship, my canopies are predictable and easy to fly, and my gear looks damn sexy.
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