Luke Hively

Name: Luke Hively
Home: Dallas, TX
Skydives: 2,500+
BASE Jumps: 325+
Favorite BASE Jumps: Brevent Wingsuit Lines & Freefly BASE in Brento
Passions: Filmmaking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing


My BASE mentor was a long-time friend of Jimmy & Marta. Lee was an old school jumper that felt every BASE jumper should be capable of working on their own gear. When I decided to get into the sport, I paid him to build my first velcro rig and began asking him to mentor me. When he agreed he had one stipulation: that I would help him build the rig I paid him to build me. Through that process, I learned a lot about what makes a well-built rig, the time that goes into each detail, and the corners one could cut. Lee often referenced the design of Apex containers as those he modeled his own after, while teaching me why. Years later, it was time to get my first pin rig. Already being familiar with the extensive R&D that has gone into every piece of Apex equipment, the Apex DP was my first choice. Ever since my Apex DP, I have always flown with Apex gear on my back. Everything made by Apex has been extensively researched, developed, and proven, for decades. That's the type of product I trust. It looks good and delivers top-performance, consistently.
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