Jimmy Pouchert

Name: Jimmy Pouchert
Home: Boulder, CO
Skydives: 4,700+
BASE Jumps: 1,500+
Favorite BASE Jumps: Angel Falls, Superbowl XXVIII, Cave of the Swallows Mexico, Baluarte Bridge Mexico, The Eiger, Crane Launch Catapult to a BASE jump in Dubai, Royal Gorge Bridge
Passions: Climbing, SCUBA, Snowboarding


I've jumped pretty much every rig and canopy out there, from all of the manufacturers, and I realize how lucky I am to be a part of Apex BASE. This is the best gear on the market, in my humble opinion. Everything is built at the highest end of the quality scale and the customer support is legendary. If you are looking for new gear, look no further.
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