Dave Barlia

Name: Dave Barlia
Home: Mammoth, CA
Skydives: 4,000+
BASE Jumps: 2,300+
Favorite BASE Jumps: Polar Sun Spire, Asgard, Thor, Half Dome, Angel Falls, Eiger.
Passions: Hanging with my son, snowboarding, flying my plane.


I met Todd from Apex very early on in my jumping. At the time he was operating out of his house under the name T&T rigging. I was fascinated with his gear & really impressed with his knowledge & ultra clean rigging work. When the Fox canopy was introduced in 1991, I immediately got one & have jumped it for much of my career since. I’ve always been impressed with Apex & felt they have led the way for BASE gear innovations. Their attention to detail & commitment to advancing our sport is unmatched by anyone.
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