Charity Kelly

Name: Charity Kelly
Home: Dallas, TX, Oklahoma City
Skydives: 1,300+
BASE Jumps: 150+
Favorite BASE Jumps: I like Via Ferrata and hiking in the rain (sing it with me now).
Passions: I love being outdoors and finding new things to do to enjoy the sky. I recently flew my first kite! Yes.... I know, I am behind in the curve. I enjoy painting and making things. I am a teacher and I own a private school and daycare. I love knowing that I am helping to mold our future my guiding young people.


I continue to be amazed on how much this sport has shaped my life- and all for the better. I continue to learn and grow on every jump. In 2013, I broke my back on a bad landing. I was nervous to continue jumping. Every jump since then has been exponentially better and increased my confidence. I attribute a lot of that to my gear. My Apex rig and canopy has always been consistent- on heading opening, that are just the right speed. There are too many aspects in the sport to worry about. I feel confident when I am on an exit point that my gear is the one thing I do not need to worry about. I packed it right, and it will treat me right. I am looking forward to all of the amazing trips I have planned in the upcoming years and all of the awesome people that I will get to experience it with!
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