Anne Helliwell

Name: Anne Helliwell
Home: Perris Valley Skydiving Center
Skydives: 9,500+
BASE Jumps: 1,400+
Favorite BASE Jumps: Sydney Harbor Bridge
Passions: Flying


Apex is in my heart because over 20 years ago, in 1992, Todd Shoebotham and I started Basic Research, the parent company of Apex. I helped design and test jump the parachutes we use today. I help teach the students, take people on BASE expeditions, take part in the media exposure, and now proudly carry the Apex flag to events and competitions. Best of all I was fully involved in developing some of the best innovations we have in BASE jumping today - the Tail Gate and the bottom surface vent system, we call the Vtec. Basic Research, DBA Apex BASE is the longest standing BASE company in the industry with a reputation of solid, safe equipment, as well as constantly improving the product. Apex BASE strives to give each customer personalized service to offer the safest equipment exactly for their needs. After spending a lot of time in the quality control department, I am extremely proud of the work each and every employee delivers. Many of the features built into rigs and parachutes being copied and jumped today were first developed by either Basic Research or Apex BASE including Bottomless Corners, WLO toggles, Vtec, and the Tail Gate, to name a few.
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