Small Mesh, Large Mesh, and Sail Sliders

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Apex BASE stock sliders are available in 9 variations.


Apex BASE slider are constructed using a 3 inch wide black tape perimeter and #8 brass grommets.  The slider fabric may be large mesh, small mesh, or 0-3 "sail" (F-111 type) fabric. Apex BASE stocks 3 sizes of slider each with 3 types of fabric:

  • 17 x 24 inches (for canopies smaller than 219)
  • 20 x 24 inches (for canopies between 220 and 255)
  • 23 x 28 inches (for canopies larger than 264)
  • When ordering please specifiy size and type of slider.
  • Color- Black tape, black small mesh, black large mesh, black sail.
  • Custom size sliders are available.  Additional charges do apply.
  • Drawing-string slider available on sail slider. Additional charges do apply.
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