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BASE Jumping Log Book
The ALL NEW Apex BASE Log Book is for any BASE jumper wishing to keep an accurate log of the details..
Take Away Static Line System
This is a take away anchor for static line jumps.  INCLUDES: Primary lanyard with ove..
Fly Sight GPS Wingsuit Pilots
FlySight was designed from the ground up for wingsuit pilots and does one truly revolutionary thi..
Motorola MR351R 2-Way Radio, 2-pack
Motorola 2-Way Radio.  No cell phone reception. No problem.  With a Motorola 2-way radi..
EZ Grab Toggles | Pair
BASE Jumping specific toggles designed to provide quick control when you need it most. Details: ..
WLO (What Line Over) Toggles | Pair
"What Line Over" Toggles, aka "WLO's," are designed to release the control line, without the use of ..
Carry Bag Shoulder Pads And Chest Strap
Removable, slide-on, shoulder pads with chest strap designed as a comfortable add-on to integrate..
Packing Tool Kit
The Parachute Packing Tools Kit should be all you need to get the job done when packing your canopy...
Field Kit For BASE Jumping
Field Kit- 2 Closing Loops w/ Washers, 2 Yards of Break Cord, Pull Up Cord, 2 Tail Gates and Rubb..
Tail Gate Kit
The Apex BASE Tail Gate Kit includes 2 Tail Gates (anti-line over device), assorted rubber bands,..
80 LB. Static Line Break Cord - 10 yards
Break Cord for Static Line BASE Jumps - 80lbs cotton break cord 10 yard package. Save 15% when co..
Nine (9) & Eleven (11) Foot Bridle
Apex BASE Jumping bridles come in several different configurations and lengths: 9-foot No..
Integrity Risers With Velcro Toggle Keeper
Apex BASE Integrity style risers for BASE. Details: Apex BASE risers have backwards facin..
Silicone Link Covers
Silicone Link cover for #5 SS Rapide Link. Details: Single link cover for #5 Rapide link found..
Small Mesh, Large Mesh, and Sail Sliders
Apex BASE stock sliders are available in 9 variations. Details: Apex BASE slider are cons..
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