About Apex BASE

Apex BASE is the largest manufacturer of BASE specific equipment in the world. We are the only BASE Company that designs, manufactures, and distributes BASE jumping Harness / Containers and BASE specific Parachutes. We pride ourselves not only on the customer service we provide but also on the industry leading innovation and unparalleled manufacturing tolerances. BASE jumping is who we are, what we love to do, and where our focus is.


Standing strong on a foundation as the first BASE Jumping equipment manufacturer, Apex brings more cumulative years of experience in BASE Jumping, manufacturing, and instruction than any other company in the world. We are known not only for the superior equipment that we produce, but also for the exemplary standards that we exhibit in our ethics, education, and safety. Apex BASE founders, Todd Shoebotham, Marta Empinotti, and Jimmy Pouchert's resumes exhibit the experience and knowledge that can only be found by those persons at the forefront of any industry. Apex BASE is always available to discuss and answer any questions regarding equipment, objects, sites, conditions, general knowledge, and industry events.

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